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From the Arab Spring to the Hong Kong protests, it has given a voice to the voiceless and opened the world’s eyes to injustices that once might have gone unnoticed.Facebook helps charities raise money for worthy causes, keeps distant family members connected, and enables fledgling artists to reach new audiences. A horde of eager, moderately priced tutors await your reply.Most Succulent Trollbait — A Vietnamese woman tearfully refutes a Craigslist ad in which a man posted her photo and intimate private information, then alleged that she intentionally infected him with HIV (119 likes, 1,016 comments) — A man complains that people ask him if he knows how to eat certain foods (48 likes, 117 comments) — A wife seeks advice on how to handle the thieves who stole her husband’s dog (13 likes, 124 comments) — An expat with a theatrical history posts a video of his physical altercation with Vietnamese police inside a Circle K (4 likes, 102 comments) — A jobseeker is confronted by a troll, who is then devoured by a snarling pack of Good Samaritans (10 likes, 42 comments) Words of Wisdom — Who the f-ck gives you the right to be judge and jury just by reading a post...just goes to show how tunneled vision and fascists you lot are!

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The HIV thread, which started to become aware of its own absurdity around the four hundredth comment, was nothing short of sublime.

If you’ve spent a decent amount of time in Vietnam, you probably have your own horror stories of boorish and moronic behavior online. I surveyed the first 100 posts in each group and categorised them into four types: — General Inquiries and Comments — Buying/Selling — Events — Trollbait To determine which posts qualified as Trollbait, I followed the rigorous standards of Judge Potter Stewart’s ruling on pornography: you know it when you see it. Most Succulent Trollbait — An entrepreneur offers to sell two cans of 333 beer for VND15,000 or trade them for an i Phone (76 likes, 24 comments) — A man shares his ‘terrible English lesson’ centred around a tired BDSM joke, comparative insults and euphemisms for fat people (34 likes, 20 comments) Words of Wisdom — 333 333 = 666. — I don’t care about your bloody beer, I just wish someone could tell me where to buy some rice? There were few profanity-laced tirades or threats of physical violence. Solicitations for advice were generally answered sincerely, instead of ‘go f-ck yourself’ or ‘if u dont like it go home!!! The tolerance (and apathy) of the Massive was astounding — a suggestive photo of a woman in ‘cellulite-eliminating lingerie’ failed to inspire a single diatribe about sexist marketing or uppity feminists. Apparently everybody had something better to do, like painting or digging for snails. — Well I think that cows or buffaloes are too big to steal from the back of a motorbike. I finally had to contact the group’s administrator and personally beg her to let me in.

Anecdotally it seems safe to say that expat Facebook forums are the refuge of the stupid and the mean-spirited. — I’m sure I won’t need to look far as you’ll be cowering in the corner behind your computer screen, abusing people on the Internet to satisfy your own insecurities. If the Illuminati were monitoring Hanoi Massive, which they most certainly are, they would find little to cause alarm. Her response was amiable — she explained that the screening process was so stringent because spammers, advertisers and trolls were not welcome.

I’ve used expat Facebook forums to find apartments, plan romantic getaways, and to discover exciting social events that never coincide with my days off. Yet I can’t shake my primordial loathing of these forums; a sentiment also held by most of my friends and coworkers. — You could ask about a 3-legged circus bear or a life-size replica of the Millenium Falcon, your neighbours will say they know a guy and ‘get you a deal’.

The mere mention of a group post is usually greeted by sympathetic moans, as if we were discussing war-torn Syria instead of cyberspace threads. The Methodology I focused on the main expat groups in Vietnamese cities with a large number of foreigners: Hanoi Massive, Danang Hoi An Expats and Expats in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). Analysis Keeping in mind the limitations of small sample sizes and the unpredictable nature of viral trends (a non-story at the time of writing might be a controversy next Tuesday), Hanoi Massive seemed like a remarkably civil group of people. Analysis It took me nearly a week to gain admittance into the Danang Hoi An Expats forum.

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Demands (for) reduction of land rent passed over almost immediately to demand for its total abolition. After communist leader Qu Qiubai seduced his daughter-in-law in 1924, Shen took another turn by joining the West Hill faction and attended the senior KMT leaders for a meeting in front of Sun Yat-sen's altar in Peking.… continue reading »

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