How to move from casual dating to serious dating

07-Jan-2018 07:10

Many of us have enjoyed a whirlwind romance at one time or another.A no strings attached confidence boost that sends you springing down the street with a big, fat smile on your face!Keep him working a little bit to get your attention, and you’re making it easier for him to see you as a potentially good partner. Give him space It’s very attractive when a woman is not PUSHING. Let him have some sex with other women and be okay with it.Women who are trying to force it are simply unattractive no matter what your opinions are about the topic. This way he’s going to start thinking that you’re not insecure, which is very attractive (both for men and women). Keep on giving him the sex of his life That’s how you started dating in the first place, right?You might have suffered through a more sexually free phase (or you might have thoroughly enjoyed it) and now you would like to forget about just dating him and move into a serious relationship.All right, so how do you take your current dating situation into a relationship without having him start resenting you and worse – leave altogether?While you know it’s a little soon to start thinking that way, you make up your mind that you’re definitely ready for a committed relationship with him. Although, after all the things he’s said and done with you, and all the time you’ve spent together, you’re pretty sure he feels the same about you. And all you have to show for it is a cold, empty feeling in the pit of your stomach.

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How DO you become more attractive to any man for that matter?

Well, one of the best ways is to not be AVAILABLE ALL THE TIME.