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I feel terrible about that.'The split was rancorous, with Steve unwilling to accept his marriage was over. I couldn't understand why she was breaking up the family,' he says, 'but we couldn't have a civil conversation with each other.'They were forced to see one another once a week when Steve picked their daughters up for visits and would argue about everything from whether Steve was ensuring the girls were doing their homework to the fact Ann was now in a new relationship. 'The romantic spark was much stronger when we got back together,' says Ann. 'The girls were wary when we first got back together, but they know now we'll be together for ever,' says Ann.

Christine Northam, a counsellor from Relate, says crunch points in relationships, such as stressful jobs or coping with small children, are often what cause divorce.

They met in 1981 and, despite their youth, married two years later.

'I'd just left school and had a place at college in Birmingham, but I ended up staying in Redditch to be with Steve,' says Ann.

A few years down the line, however, former couples may realise the situation, rather than any inherent flaw in their relationship, was to blame for their unhappiness.'After anger has subsided, people can find they see good parts of their relationship as well as the bad,' says Christine.

'Priorities can change and we realise things we thought were important, work, for instance, may not be.

I couldn't help wondering if there was something more exciting.' They split, rapidly and painfully.

Steve was bereft, then angry and their daughters were confused and heartbroken.

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Julie proposed in 2008 and they married, again, five years later, in 2013, above But Ann's momentary doubts wrenched their family apart. It was a huge wrench for the children, who were at secondary school. She found herself comparing her new relationship to the one she'd had with Steve and realised how close and loving their marriage had been. Steve was there, helping her to pick up the pieces - and their caring friendship soon became more romantic. When they remarried in 2012, their daughters were bridesmaids and their grandchildren flower girls.Steve had a successful career as a financial adviser, Ann worked in accounts for a local firm.