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The most famous of its few antiquities dating from Roman times is the amphitheatre known as the Parlagio .

In ancient times it was a town of small importance; its prosperity did not begin until the eleventh century.

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In this way there was endless friction an strife, and thus was laid the foundation of the two great parties that for centuries divided the city, Guelphs and Ghibellines.

During the Lombard period Florence belonged to the Duchy of Chiusi; after the absorption of the Lombard kingdom by Charlemagne, who spent at Florence the Christmas of 786, it was the residence of a count whose overlord was margrave of Tuscany.

In the two centuries of conflict between the popes and the emperors over the feudal legacy of Countess Matilda (d.

Siena, Volterra, and Pisa were then constrained to accept peace on severe terms, and to expel the Ghibellines.

In 1255 it was the turn of Arezzo ; Pisa was once more defeated at Ponte Serchio, and forced to cede to Florence the Castello di Mutrone, overlooking the sea.After the introduction of a podestà it was exercised by the priors of the chief guilds (the artes majores ), seven in number (carpenters, wool-weavers, skinners, tanners, tailors, shoemakers, and farriers), to which were afterwards added the fourteen lesser guilds (the judges, the notaries-public, doctors, money-changers, and others).

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